Baltic Cup: Germany ruled the waters on Lake Viljandi

Vahur Mäe, toimetaja   |   29. Sep 2019, 22:36

Last weekend of September saw over few hundred young rowers from the Baltic Sea region at little Estonian resort Viljandi taking part of the international Baltic Cup Regatta. It was powerful Germany who scored nine golds and took overall glory with 195 points.

The Regatta was targeted for the future of rowing, the young athlets aged 15 to 17 years and was organized by the local community. It was Germany who scored nine golds and overall first position among the 11 countries. Germany was not so closely followed by Poland with 130 points and with two gold medals. Then there was Belorussia gathering 121 points with excellent nine race wins. The hosting country Estonia finished 7th overall with three bronze medals in 500 metre sprints on Sunday.

Estonian Rowing was pleased to see so many enthusiasts and countries taking part of this year’s Regatta and expresses gratitude towards all the people involved. Please find all the information, e.g. results needed here.

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