By ferry


Estonian capital Tallinn is a seaside city with plenty of options available for you, if you like to travel by sea. Information about airlines, schedules and customs is also available on the homepage of
Port of Tallinn.

Travelling to Estonia by sea is very popular with tourists – no wonder, as Tallinn is the closest capital to Helsinki and Stockholm and travelling by boat enables you to combine the fun of cruising with efficient transportation.

The main ferry operators are:

  • Helsinki port in Finland is 80km from Tallinn and it takes less than 2 hours on a ferry. During the summer season (from May to September) boats sail every few hours.
  • Stockholm ports in Sweden are 380km from Tallinn and boat travels once a day in both directions (you spend the night at sea).
  • St-Petersburg port in Russia are 350 km from Tallinn and boat travels twice per week in both directions (you spend the night at sea)

Travel time varies on different ferries – in general, the larger the boat, the longer the time. You have several dining options on each, cruise ships also include children playgrounds, beauty services, night-clubs and tax-free shops to ensure you have a fun trip, whether travelling with kids or enjoying a weekend getaway.
To catch a ferry you will need a passport or ID-cards (for European citizens).