Alfarace 2019: this year’s trophy belongs to Tõnu Endrekson

Vahur Mäe, toimetaja   |   27. Jan 2019, 22:25

On 26th of January the biggest indoor rowing competition in the Baltic States, Alfarace saw the thrilling battle between two times olympicmedallist Tõnu Endrekson and almost unknown local rower.

Almost 400 rowers set their goals this year at Tallinn sports hall. Probably the men’s final which was packed with Estonia’s best on-water rowing athlets turned out as one of the most exciting. The race saw the thrilling final battle between double olympic medallist Tõnu Endrekson and slightly unkown guy from Tallinn, Rainar Piik who was leading the show during the first 800 metres. Then Endrekson made his move to the spurt finish and winning by 2.45,9 his 9 th overall Alfa title showed what is made of. Then there was Piik timing at 2.47,9 and Rio olympics bronze Allar Raja (2.48,1).

Alfarace 2019: this year’s trophy belongs to Tõnu Endrekson

Photo: Men’s podium

In the women’s race Liisu Mitt gained her first Alfa victory by 3.19,6, then there followed Kärolyn Mäesaar and well-known latvian Elza Gulbe.

The final results are available here. Relive the full broadcast on Delfi-TV. Next Alfarace will be held in January 2020.